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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  February 28, 2011 4:25am-5:00am EST

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and the oscar goes to the king's speech! >> what a big night out in california last night. good morning, everybody. i'm gurvir dhindsa. welcome to fox 5 morning news. we'll get to the oscars and all of our top stories coming up in
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just a few minutes. first, get ready for warm weather and also some storms. let's go straight over to tucker to find out about that. >> we've got warmer temperatures on the way and with it the threat of some strong thunderstorms during the afternoon. kind of a springtime pattern here. a little bit of shower activity moving through in the last couple of hours. that is the warm front. the warm air will really surge in here. look at what is going on in been pen. see the bright flashes there. that is a lot of lightning associated with a cold front that could get in here later on today. no winds to speak of at this moment. these will get breezy out of
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the south during the course of the day. warm and cloudy, showers and thunderstorms developing. the bestness that should be during the afternoon. check out that temperature, 71 degrees. >> got to love that, although i understand changes are on the way. >> yes, i'll have that in a minute. the key bridge is closed this morning. police stopped traffic on both the d.c. and virginia side of the bridge overnight. the government shutdown could be delayed by a couple of weeks. house republicans have proposeed a short-term deal that would put off the deadline until march 18th. that includes $4 billion in budget cuts f congress doesn't reach a deal by that date, congress will once again face the possibility of closing federal agencies. fox 5 is monitoring metro this morning.
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this video is causing a stir. new security footage shows the l'enfant plaza station from last fall. you can see the middle escalator suddenly speed up, supreme try to get off but somebody tell which created a pile-up. six people were injured that day. fox 5 needs your help to continue to monitor metro. if you see something wrong, send in your news tips, pictures or video to fox 5 metro at g now, back to the oscars. it was hollywood's biggest night. the king's speech was the night's big winner. best actor went to colin firth for his role in that film. natalie portman won best actress for the black swan. the show isn't about the awards but about who wore what as
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well. we have a look at this year's oscar fashions. the oscar red carpet featured millions of jewels, classic tuxes and many memorable gowns. >> they went a little different. everybody took a unique twist. the hair, the dresses and the bling have become part of the oscar spectacle but this year's young contenders are sure to bring an edge to the catwalk. >> i have an amazing group of girls, my hair girl, my make-up girl. >> this is the first dress i tried on. >> the vintage styles were
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nowhere to be seen as actresses dressed in a futuristic design. >> you never see real color at the oscars. you see a yellow dress here. maybe one silhouette of color there. literally, every girl had a color on. >> reporter: the guys displayed some classic tuxes making one mom very proud. >> this is a nice suit. i've not had a chance to look at it. my mom helped me dress today. good morning to you. this is going to cause some problems for your commute if you take the key bridge. it is shut down on the virginia side and the d.c. side as a
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result of this accident that occurred a short while ago. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm joins. tucker is in with our forecast. >> yeah, i'm coming. >> you're worth waiting for. >> oh, thank you. >> a little wet but certainly mild. >> these are associate wade warm front that will help our temperatures jump up to about 70 today. but we do have the threat of strong thunderstorms. remember in the spring season when we bet the gusty winds and pretty good downpours, that kind of thing. so a strong cold front today and the possibility. thunderstorms. we will take a look and you -- the possibility of thunderstorms. we will take a look and you will see for yourself. the showers off to the north and east, that is the warm front. see the dark yellows and reds, that is the cold front. it will turn dark and we'll got
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a period of showers and thunderstorms. i think mid- to late afternoon they'll start moving in from the west to the east and the possibility of thunderstorm activity. much cooler air moving in behind that front a little later tonight. let's go to temperatures. not a bad start. 45 at reagan national. humidity, 97%. way on up there. wind are light out of the north an east. our forecast for today, not a bad one if you like warmer temperatures. highs later this afternoon back into the low 70s. could be a few more showers and a good chance of afternoon showers and thunderstorms returning. got to look out for the possibility of some of those being big. right now, we want to go to the breaking news that we are following out on the key bridge where there has been an accident involving a police officer. our sarah simmons is reporting live this morning. what is the latest? the bridge is still shut down, correct? >> reporter: it looks like it but it in the last few minutes, it looks like they may have opened up the bridge for traffic coming in from virginia. we are starting to see cars
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coming across the bridge that are obviously not police cars. it looks like maybe traffic as opened for traffic coming in from virginia. it has been closed since about 10:30 last night. there was an original accident that happened here involving a motorcycle. we don't have too many details on that other than the fact that that officer was here investigating that accident and at about midnight, a little after midnight, police are telling us that he was struck by someone else driving a car. we understand that he was taken to the hospital, the officer was, in serious condition but is doing better by what we are told from police. but the man who did strike the officer has been taken into custody. he did remain on the scene. officers have had him in for questioning and they are looking into the possibility that alcohol may have been a factor in this crash. at this point though, no charges have been confirmed yet. they were been doing their investigation pretty much since midnight when that officer was
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struck. they have had it closed the entire time since then t look as though traffic is opening up for folks coming in from virginia. this is a major commuter route. so let's get the latest on what this could mean for traffic from julie wright. >> you are light. for those continuing to work their way inbound from roslyn headed across the key bridge, we do have some of the lanes open. it is coming from canal road to go outbound across the key that the roadway remains blocked off at this time. coming inbound off canal road as you make that right hand turn and go across the key bridge headed into roslyn, that is still blocked off with all the police activity. so no one is able to get through at this time. if you are coming from roslyn, want to make the right turn on m street and continued to georgetown, this portion of the highway has been reopened. no incidents to report and no delays coming in off of 66 or 29. so far, traffic volume working in our favor. on the other side of town, you will find southbound 270 good
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to go. wipers working a little bit this morning because of the road spray but other than that, we're pretty good around the capital play traveling between college park and bethesda. making headlines this morning, the accident involving that police officer as we said did force that bridge to close down and sarah just reported from there. so we'll get more from her on perhaps when that bridge is going to be open again. the other stories making headlines, the government shutdown could be delayed for a couple of weeks. the democratic-controlled senate has already rejected a plan by the republican- controlled house to fund government operations through the end of september while slashing $61 billion in spending. republicans say they are not budging. >> you are going to have the two-week stopgap with $4 billion worth of cuts and we
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hope to get to the full $61 billion in cuts and continue to move that spending level back. >> if congress doesn't reach a deal by march 18th, congress will once again face the prospect of closing federal agencies. lawmaker in virginia have agreed on the amendments to the commonwealth's $80 billion budget plan. they can you more money for state and local government pensions and retire years and more money for schools. a warning of an emergency at d.c.'s 911 call center. some operators believe they are being stretched with a too thin. they say nearly 200 calls were ignored last tuesday when there weren't enough people answering the calls during the first round. news from the buzz bin.
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it was hollywood's biggest night. the king's speech took home the best picture. kirk douglas presented melissa leo with the award. true grit didn't win any of the 10 categories for which it was nominated. what did you think of the oscars. tucker and julie are going to talk about that a little bit with us. tuck, did you watch any of this at all. i know on this shift it is tough to stay up that late. >> as much as i could, i got a chance to enjoy the red carpet and the best dressed women in hollywood. really enjoyed that part. i got to see the awards being handed out. i did see the king's speech and i thought it was well
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deserving. >> i thought natalie portman looked gorgeous. it did get a little long in the middle. i thought it was a great show overall and everybody looked beautiful. >> how did the hosts do? >> i liked james franco. of his a little interesting at times. ann hathaway was great. >> oh, my goodness. beautiful. the only film that i saw of the ones that were nominated was the social network which was shut out, which actually rather surprised me. >> i think you are not the only one that was surprised. i was following kevin mccarthy on twitter last night and he was surprised by a couple of things as well. >> thank you for weighing in. we'll talk to kevin later on so we'll see what he has to say. thanks. we'll check you later.
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a show of support for union workers in wisconsin. >> they say cutbacks. we say fight back. >> a rally in washington. we'll show you why these protesters are steamed over the situation in wisconsin and why they say they have an interest in the outcome. stay with us. we'll take a break and come right back. 
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s. in libya, rebels control a city just 30 miles from the capital of tripoli and they are preparing for an assault by forces loyal to dictator moammar khadafy. secretary of state clinton arrived in geneva last night. she will meet with other foreign ministers from our european allies to talk about more sanctions against lib yasm. in the showdown in wisconsin, police let union protesters sleep in the capitol building.
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they were supposed to clear the capitol yesterday afternoon for cleaning. they didn't arrest any demonstrators. >> they cutbacks. we say fight back! >> and there was a strong show of support for union workers in wisconsin from their comrades in the district. they gathered outside the j. w. marriott hotel. protesters wanted to remind lawmakers that unions are united. >> one assault on one union is an assault on all of us. >> i'm in a staff union. we had our last collective bargaining agreement we passed just six months ago. i got a small raise. i have good health care. >> many union workers came to protest because they thought the governor of wisconsin would be attending. he didn't show. the d.c. council take a look at a controversy that fox 5 has been on top of for
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several months, faulty breathalyzers used by d.c. police. there is a hearing set for 11:00 this morning to investigate the flawed equipment. the d.c. attorney general says his office will likely have to drop hundreds of drunk driving conviction as a result. some comic relief for president obama at the white house. >> i know of you may be confused and think this is the oscars. there are some similarities. first of all, everybody looks spectacular. >> he got a few laughs but he did get down to business. details of this black tie affair. plus, we'll check your weather and traffic on this monday morning. we'll be right back. 
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bree: sis, help me create my oasis. marcy: ok, romantic garden? bree: oh, is there a castle nearby? marcy: no, but there's a charming farmhouse. bree: right next to my posh castle! i'm sensing a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister.
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is. while many nasa officials are spending their time working with the crew aboard the space shuttle discovery, others at the space agency caught a wild occurrence on tape. this is a solar flare on the sun. the entire eruption lasted about 90 minutes. the blast was directed away from earth and is not expected to disrupt any satellites or other electronic systems. tornado were caught on tape along the state line of kansas and oklahoma. parts of oklahoma were pounded by golf ball-sized hail as well. no reports of injury or serious
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damage right now. we're getting into that season, aren't we? >> yes, that is the same system heading our direction. i wouldn't expect we would get tornadoes around here but any time you talk about severe weather, you got to look out. that is a possibility later this afternoon. no problems this morning. we had some rain move through. that is the warm front. as we get into the afternoon hours, our temperatures will be near 70 degrees. >> that will be nice. we'll deal with the rain. >> not a bad start this morning. let's go right to hd radar. we have not a lot happening at all. we had a warm front that lifted through. you will be able to see the warm front lifting up to new york city. as you head out on your merry way for your morning commute, you should generally be dry. there might be a few scattered showers during the next couple of hours. we'll see the possibility of thunderstorms fill in during
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the course of the afternoon. let's push on. i'll show you the next radar. this one indicates there is the rain shower activity that has been moving through the next couple of hours. we are really going to get into a nice surge of warmer air here from the south which is going to push temperatures up as mentioned in the upper 60s and low 70s this afternoon. all right. lurking out to the west, this is why i mentioned the possibility of severe weather around here later today. very strong cold front. you see that line of yellows and reds. you see the red boxes? those are severe thunderstorm watch boxes. i would not be surprised if later on this afternoon we don't have some watch boxes of our own in the washington area as this all presses south and east into the relatively warm and humid air for this time of year. behind this front, we'll cool down. tomorrow, temperatures in the upper 40s to about 50.
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right now, 45 at reagan national. 47 at patuxent naval air station. these aren't bad temperatures. 49 for you in ocean city. forecast for today, warm and cloudy out there. afternoon thunderstorms possible. showers and thunderstorms, some of those strong. 71 your daytime high with winds out of the south at 10 to 15. partly cloudy overnight and much colder. 34 the overnight low. there is your five-day forecast. much cooler tomorrow, about 50. we warm up again by wednesday and we cool down on thursday, than we cloud up on friday. that time of year, march comes in like a lion. let's do some on-time traffic and julie wright is in with the latest. good morning. >> you were going to say something else about the oscars, weren't you? >> i was going to but calvin who get upset. we don't have enough time. >> that's right. we don't want to upset calvin.
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for you guys coming inbound from the chain bridge, this is still blocked. coming from canal road, can you not make the turn into roslyn. that remains closed. if you are coming from roslyn, over the key bridge, that portion of the key bridge has been reopened. wipers are working extra hard this morning but no accidents to report northbound 95 headed up to the springfield interchange. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. beginning today, the slugging location on new york avenue in the district will move. people can now be picked up on new york avenue between 15th and 14th streets rather than the old location on 15th street between h and new york avenue.
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the changes were he had made in response to commuter whose complained about traffic build- up. we have a new tool to help you with your commute. it is on our web site and on our mobile app as well, an interactive map that links you to real-time traffic information and alerts. on our mobile app select more on the menu and then traffic and then interactive maps and alerts. black tie attire at the white house. governors from across the country talked collaboration on oscar night. here is mary ann rafferty. >> i know some of you may be confused and think this is the oscars. there are some similarities. first of all, everybody looks spectacular. and the second thing is, if i speak too long, the music will start playing. >> the thing about governors is
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that you are in charge. people nowhere to find you. and they expect you to help them during tough times. >> reporter: the leaders came together to determine the best picture of the nation. >> one of the best thing is we get a chance to steal all the best ideas from the other governors. i think it lifts up the entire country. >> we make the hard decision about how our people's lives are. we make hard decision about priorities and it is time the federal government does the same thing. >> we have streamlined. we have cut our budget 2 billion. >> obama welcomed the new governors, many of them republicans who rode november's wave to power. >> we are also one nation and our goal has to be to find ways to find common ground and to work together and i'm confident that we can do that moving forward. >> reporter: the governors plan to return to the white house on
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monday to meet with vice president biden and other administration officials. >> thank you for that report. when they meet later this morning, president obama is hoping to hear ideas from the governors on how to best fix the slowing recovering economy. going green has become one of the hottest bridal trends th companies are convincing brides- to-be that they can save some green while going green. here is tisha thompson. >> reporter: emily thompson and john nelson are engaged. they are sort of adorable when they try to answer questions. >> well, there is a lot of really good green options. we are looking for invitations mostly so invitations use a lot of paper. we are looking for something that is ecofriendly. >> reporter: from potted plants you can rent to vegan wedding
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cakes, it is all about saving the earth at the mid-atlantic green wedding showcase in college park. but as they admire bouquets and eat appear tiess grown by local farmers, john and emily worry that companies looking to bank on this growing trend might not be legit. >> it is very hard to know if they are ecofriendly or just advertising. >> we wouldn't pay just anybody. we had a panel of five people inside and outside the seen the industry who are greenies. we made sure that they truly cared about the environment. >> reporter: andy is a dj and says to be really green, you have to look past the obvious.
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>> all our equipment is led lights. >> reporter: reverend laura cannon says she uses wind power to run her web site. >> it is the way i travel to the event. >> reporter: emily and john found wedding invitations with seeds in them. the guests can planted the paper in the ground unstead of throwing them into the trash. emily says a wedding only lasts a day and she is looking forward to a whole lifetime with john. tisha thompson, fox 5 news. it looks like the maryland terps will need a huge turnaround if they want to be invited to the dance. in fact, it might be too late. disappointment in capitol hill, we'll take a break and come right back.
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halt of fame outfielder
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duke snyder has died. he passed away from what the family called natural causes. he was part of the dodgers in the 1940s and '50s. he hit 407 career home runs. he died at the age of 846789. the nationals are going to play their first spring training game today. all eyes will be on bryce harper. he is expected to see some action. the terps in need of a win against, in income. maryland would be down by 1 at the break but turn it on in the second half -- down by 12 at the break but turn it on in the second half but it wouldn't be enough. this weekend appear warmer weather was a perfect cure for cabin fever. it is suppose to be warmer today but the big storms will roll in later on this afternoon. roz plater has more on how the
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warm temperatures bring booming business to our area. >> reporter: sure is sun was a welcome sight but truth be told, it was only a balmy 60 degrees or so. that didn't stop folks from shedding a few winter layers and taking it to the outside. getting into a good run or hitting the trail for a bike ride, strolling around downtown bethesda, grab eggcup ofoff aand getting in a little people watching. it was a welcome break. >> the weather here usually has been sucking lately so it is nice to have a good day out when you can enjoy yourself and we're going to enjoy it as much as we can. >> reporter: even if it meant dining at an outdoor cafe with a jacket and carve on. >> you are all bundled up a little bit. >> yes, it is nice outside now. >> the minute we can open this up, effect wants to


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